The Co-Freemasonic Order of the
Blazing Star



    Duty to God

  • To accept a belief in and love of a Supreme Being
  • To hold a deep reverence for all sacred things.
  • To aim for mystical union with the Blazing Star.
  • To reflect the Divine plan for humanity.
  • To accept and consciously co-operate with the representative who stands at the head of all Masonic endeavour, known as the H.O.A.T.F.
  • To believe in the inner, spiritual hierarchy of the world and the angelic kingdom, particularly with regard to Freemasonry.

    Duty to Humanity

  • To love and serve humanity.
  • To constantly practice Masonic fraternal love.
  • To show faith, hope, charity and tolerance to all.
  • To work for the good of humanity through Masonic symbolism and ritual.
  • To develop new Masonic ritualistic forms to contain and express the life of the new millennium.
  • To acknowledge the increasing influence of the ceremonial line of ordered service in all our work.
  • To admit men and women without distinction of race, religion, nationality or sexuality.