The Co-Freemasonic Order of the
Blazing Star



The Co-Freemasonic Order of the Blazing Star admits men and women without distinction of race, religion, nationality or sexuality aged 21 or over who hold a belief in a Supreme Being. They must be in sympathy with the Precepts of the Order especially its esoteric emphasis and be able to keep due silence with Regard to Masonic secrets and practice. A person can join as an individual, or if there is a group of interested people we can support them to form their own Masonic Lodge in their area.

Within this Masonic work, we encorage members to respect personal boundaries and the privacy of the individual, which is part of spiritual training and discipline. Genuine Masonic fraternity is known when there is respect for the individual and the ‘will to good’ is aimed at the’soul’ or essence rather than the personality. Socialising and compassion is encouraged. Fundraising is part of the Masonic work of this order and a charity is chosen each year by the members of each lodge to send a donation to:

    Qualifications for Membership

  • Aged 21 or over
  • Hold a belief in a Supreme being
  • Ability to keep due silence with regards Masonic secrets & practice
  • In sympathy with the precepts of the order
  • An Interest in the esoteric especially with regards Freemasonry
  • Commitment to regularly attend lodge meetings

Having read this far, you will appreciate that The Co-Freemasonic Order of the Blazing Star forms a specialist group and would not automatically be the ideal home for all those who sek to serve humanity, or even all Freemasons.

Please use the contact form below if you would like information on becoming a member, forming loadge in area or if you have any questions or comments. Or email directly: